Album Credits

Produced by Joe Gagliardi III and Holly Berchielli
Recorded, Engineered, Edited and Mastered by Joe Gagliardi III
Recorded, Engineered, Edited and Mastered at Grand Nicoll Studios (Newburgh, NY) between April 2017-August 2018
Additional Drum Recordings and Re-amping on “Thundering” at Operation: Audio (Saugerties, NY) on July 23, 2017

M A R T Y R  A R T
J O E   G A G L I A R D I   I I I
Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Beat Box, Keyboards, Percussion & Sampling

“Motion” Additional Vocals by Holly Berchielli, Doug Bangaz and Brad Lane
“The Pleasure of Pain” Additional Vocals by Holly Berchielli
“Thundering” Additional Sampling by Jay Andersen
“Binary Slavery” Additional Vocals by Mike Ganly and Holly Berchielli

“Motion”, “The Pleasure of Pain”, “Just”, “Constrict” and “Binary Slavery”
Lyrics by Joe Gagliardi III & Holly Berchielli
“Who Are You” Lyrics by Joe Gagliardi III
“Thundering” Lyrics by Joe Gagliardi Jr. and Joe Gagliardi III

All Music by Joe Gagliardi III.All Music Published by Bleeding Hands Sound Recordings (ASCAP) © 2018M

Album Artwork and Photography:
Eye Model and Promo Photo: Holly Berchielli
Printing by P&P Quick Copy Center, Inc.
Apparel printing by ColorCube Creative
Cassettes by National Audio Company
Compact Discs by DiscMakers

Gear Used

LaBella Strings
Clayton U.S.A. Guitar Picks (1.0)
Apple Computers (2016 15” MacBook Pro – 1TB)
Jackson Guitars (JS22-7)
Squire Bass (Affinity 5-String)
MXR (Fullborn Metal)
Boss Pedals (GT-8, CE-5, DD-3 and GE-7)
Dunlop (Jerry Cantrell Wah-Wah)
Korg (DT-10 Chromatic Tuner and NanoKey2 MIDI Pad)
Line 6 (Relay G30 Wireless System)
Behringer (Interfaces)
Hosa Cables
Shure, Digital Reference and Operation: Audio Custom Shop Microphones
Avid ProTools 12, FL Studio 4 and Garageband Software
Alesis (G49 MIDI Keyboard)
Mackie Studio Monitors (MR824-8)
Mapex Drums (Mars Series)
Paiste Cymbals (Rude Series)
Vic Firth Sticks (3B)
Remo Drum Heads (Clear Pinstripe)
DW Hardware
Adidas Footwear


"Motion" Lyrics

Moving back, instead of forward
Now we see eye-to-eye
We’re all in this together
How will our world survive?
These beatings!

The bleeding
Blood running down, entrenched in fibers of greed
Forced to watch our world burn down
Fuck their itinerary and their uncivilized breed

Corporate greed in your backyard
Pollute your mind, contaminate with fear
Everyone’s asking the same questions
What do we know? How do we escape?


the lies…


Destroy the mechanisms that plague

Welcome war!

I do not…
I do not…sponsor your hate

"The Pleasure of Pain" Lyrics

Drain your pulse into my heart
The synchronicity of our love
I’m cutting my veins to let you in
We are burning in the depths of lust

Digging into the flesh, the taste of blood on my lips
I feel more alive, with every drip of…

The pleasure of pain
Is a way of life
It’s what I need
It’s what i live for

Dig your chains into my soul
Tear me apart, give me all…

Show me and let me see your dreams
Show me and let me be your fear

The pleasure of pain
Is a way of life
It’s what I need
It’s what i live for

(Happiness / Pleasure) The sensations you feel
(Happiness / Pleasure) Hook me into conscious mind
(Happiness / Pleasure) Pull me into your flesh
(Happiness / Pleasure) Your pure soul…
Your mine!

Rip apart…Dead senses
Bleeding hearts…until death do us part

"Who Are You" Lyrics

I am I and
You are you
We are we
I am the sign of the Gemini, split personality
Hiding in the shadows of darkness
Exploring deep recesses of my mind

Breaking the seam into two
This dividing line between you and I

Reality disintegrating in my clasped hands
This animosity inside of me begins to scream
Consistently struggling with this voice inside my brain
This demon inside, will never die, will never go away

Who Am I?

I am the anger inside!
That’s twisted!
I am the hate that sickens…


am the war
of you…
am the
of you…

Who Am I?
Who Are You?

"Just" Lyrics

Welcome to society, full of shame
There hang the trophies owning our pain
Filter through the noise, the signal is choice
Break down these walls and try to free us all

Dystopia, I’ll have a glass or two
Imbibe in our future, all of you
Miss Liberty, looking down in shame
This poisoned system is a fixed game

Contorting images on your t.v. screen
Distorting perceptions and your dreams
The fearfaith machines controlling your mind
Are you willing to let them devoid you of your…

Life! Insured! but not safe!
Cannot protect yourself no matter how much you pay!

Just once show your true face
Just once show us humility

Synthesized culture diverts the truth
The curtain heavy, reasons mute
Avarice intentions, deny necessity
Metaphysically exploring
As we cease to breathe..
To be…

Anger, distrust from dawn to dusk
The scent of death, provoking lust

Questioned by your false sense of reality

Thieves in your pockets, a time for change…

"Constrict" Lyrics

Imprisoned by anxiety
Controlled by the fear of disconnecting
No one knows as much
Imposed rules, unjust
Unwillingly giving your rights away for that sweet new upgrade

As we fade away…
Our technological society
Eroding our senses, our sense of human reality

Frayed! Enslaved!

The fear of giving in, letting go
Consciously becoming more susceptible
Pharmacy, puppetry, the mind no longer feels
Numbness destroying your life, their true agenda is revealed

Knowingly ignore…
Medicating our strung-out society
Entangled in the trenches of this disease

Constrict our mind
Constrict our time
Our cataloged lives is on a platter to appease their appetites

Systematically designed to keep you at bay
Gluttony compels, does not expel the hate and fear inside your mind
Systematically designed to keep us at bay
Gluttony compels, does not expel the hate and fear inside your mind

All in due time…

Designed to keep us at bay
Designed to hold us back

"Thundering" Lyrics

Sounds of thunder, rolling in
Grey skies, whip of the wind
The space in-between where the raindrops fall
The pathway ahead, forged in death

We are the ones… you stripped of pride and dignity
We are the ones… trained to kill in the name of god & country
We are the ones… who did all the killing
We are the ones… who lost track of time

This disease of man…

We are the ones… who carry shame and guilt
We are the ones… who had to take the blame
We are the ones… rewarded to kill
We are the ones… who were told that our lives had no room for love & peace

"Binary Slavery" Lyrics

Pushing back and forcing forward
We, the poor will not be, left behind

On the left, on the right
A misguided fight
Blind as the wicked sell our rights!

Human Rights!
In chains, binary slavery

Survival a must
Restore peace to our world
Destroy the conduits

Ferocious Appetite
Sustaining this disorder of humanity

Human Rights!
In chains, binary slavery

We have no rights!